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Soul Contract Upgrade

Soul Contract Upgrade

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You can upgrade your Summary Soul Contract to a Full Soul Contract Birth Chart Reading. 

Get your full Soul Contract Birth Chart reading that will help reveal to you multiple layers of the deepest truth of who you are at the spiritual level. It used ancient channelled wisdom to reveal the absolute truth in a system of spiritual interpretation that decodes the secrets of the life hidden within your birth name.

The intention is for it to support you and living your life to be the best expression of yourself. This full birth reading will give you and an in-depth transmission of your own unique spiritual makeup.  Click here for the abbreviated Full Reading.


  Full PDF Report Upgrade

Having absorbed your Summary or Full PDF Report go deeper with a live Soul Contract Clarification Reading or go directly to a Live Reading if you haven't received a Report at all.

  • Where an experienced practitioner gives you a personalised reading
  • That takes you from exactly where you are in your life
  • Shows you the next steps you need to take to overcome the immediate challenges you are facing
  • So that you can begin to align with your soul purpose
  • To eventually create a more fulfilling life

 Over 100 pages of knowledge to help you understand your life and your purpose fully.

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* If you have less than 10 Hebrew sounds in your name this will produce a 'Short' name with 3 aspects rather than the 7 aspects of a long name and consequently a smaller number of interpretation pages. In this case you will receive a refund of £42.50 (50% of the normal £85 Full PDF Report price)

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